Who are we? Christian women and men, moms, nurses, nurse practitioners, teachers, restaurant managers, wives, servants, goal setters, dreamers.

We are people just like you.

We desired to be a better person and we started with our health journey in groups, together, and we not only get results physically, but we are now on a journey to be better mentally, spiritually and financially.

Who is The FIT Team? Why join The FIT Team?

The FIT Team Vision


PRACTICE INTEGRITY (follow up with people, treat your customers right, like family and do not leave them hanging without help EVER, treat your coaches like family, have a servant heart)

LIVE WITH INTENTION (seek out opportunities to share and really find out how you can specifically help EVERYONE, set business hours, place your family over your business, and pray specifically for your business and teammates) 

EMPOWER OTHERS THROUGH TEAMWORK (stay connected at all times, when you aren’t in our groups, you aren’t connected, you likely fall far from your goals and you do a disservice to your customers and coaches)

So whether you are a discount coach and just need the continued accountability, or if you are ready to take your sharing, helping serving to the next level and grow a business to create YOUR dream life, join me in committing to Faith, Integrity & Teamwork.

Join The FIT Team