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What is PiYo?

• PiYo is a low-impact, high-intensity body-transformation program that uses the most effective Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves to sculpt long, lean muscles and burn fat.

• Trainer Chalene Johnson uses fluid movements, keeping you in constant motion to give you a dynamic cardio workout that typical Pilates or yoga workouts lack.

• It’s low-impact so you won’t have to jump around or strain your joints.

• It’s high-intensity so you get the fat-burning results of a more extreme program.

• It’s designed to help you get an intensely defined, long and lean physique.

 PiYo is for those that:

• Want to lose weight and burn fat without the high-impact jumps or complex choreography found in some cardio programs.

• Want to build lean muscle but don’t want to lift heavy weights or bulk up.

• Want to get the results of an extreme program without straining their joints.

• Like the benefits of Pilates and yoga, but also want the calorie burn of a cardio workout.

• Don’t have time to go from class to class to do separate cardio, strength, and flexibility workouts.

• Want a workout that doesn’t require a lot of equipment.

• Want to give their body a break from extreme programs but keep getting results and improve their performance in other sports by restoring their flexibility and core strength.

How does PiYo work?

PiYo isn’t like standard Pilates and yoga classes that make you hold long, intense poses, or lead you through dozens of repetitive, microscopic core movements. PiYo speeds everything up—including your results—by introducing you to dynamic, flowing Pilates- and yoga-inspired sequences that can burn serious calories at the same time as they lengthen and tone your muscles and increase your flexibility. As you progress from one fluid movement to the next without rest, you’ll maintain an optimal heart rate to incinerate calories throughout the whole workout!
With every action-packed PiYo session, you’ll burn excess fat and sculpt and define your whole body, as you minimize the aches and pains that can come along with high-impact workouts. The result? You get a low-impact, high-intensity, total-body workout, giving you a physique that’s long, lean, and powerfully defined.



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