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Labor, Delivery and Bright Beginnings: A Birth Story

Labor, Delivery and Bright Beginnings: A Birth Story of Tye Let me start this story with a little pretense┬áregarding my emotional state and feeling towards the birthing process of my second child. My first child is 18 months old, which means I have a pretty vivid memory of all the events that occurred during pregnancy, […]

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Perfect Pregnancy Products

Perfect Pregnancy Products I think you would agree that pregnancy itself can bring on a whole different level of joy and excitement about life. However, I also think most people would agree pregnancy also triggers some stress, anxiety and major body changes. During my pregnancies, I was always looking for things to make staying fit […]

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Yes! All Pregnant Women are Crazy.

Are all pregnant women crazy? Pregnancy: does it drive you to feel out of control, feel your emotions are unstable and feel constantly overwhelmed? Are all the feelings making you feel a bit crazy? What about partners experiencing pregnancy with their partner? Would you agree that these feelings and emotions are taking over your better […]