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Healthy Lifestyle: Family style

Healthy Lifestyle: Family Style. Chapter 2: Developing a healthy lifestyle for you and your family through meal preparation. I will start out this post with something I hear way too often… How are people sticking to a healthy lifestyle when it comes to eating when you have to cook different food for your husband and […]

Transformation Progress: In Christ Alone My Hope is Found

Progress reports: Bringing Sexy Back I am officially 2 months out after having my baby and of course there are so many personal challenges I am dealing with and waiting on my body to change is not one that I am dealing well with. I am experiencing exactly what happens when you dont get enough […]

5 tips for a Healthy Holiday

5 tips for a Healthy Holiday 1. Get your workout in early Take your DVDs with you, run enjoy gods creation, swim Don’t leave to chance, grab a friend or family member, choose to do activities throughout the day that burn calories Bonus Water exercises– free style swim, tread water, jump lunges in water, treading […]