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march challenge

March Fitness Challenge

Hey Y’all! I can’t believe it’s March already! But I’m loving the cool mornings with sunshine in the afternoon and evenings! I hope this month you’ve already decided you WILL work towards a better YOU! Get out of your comfort zone and make progress! Make progress with your mental health, spiritual health, physical health! You were made […]

Chicken & Spinach Mason Jar Salad

Total Time: 20 min. Prep Time: 20 min. Cooking Time: None Yield: 4 servings Ingredients: ½ cup red wine vinegar 4 tsp. olive oil 2 Tbsp. country-style Dijon mustard 2 Tbsp. finely chopped tarragon 1 cup thinly sliced celery 8 oz. cooked chicken breast, boneless, skinless, cut into ½-inch cubes 1 cup red grapes 4 cups fresh spinach ¼ […]

beryvan shakeology

Berry Vanilla Shakeology

Total Time: 10 min. Prep Time: 10 min. Cooking Time: None Yield: 1 serving Ingredients: ½ cup unsweetened almond milk ½ cup water 1 scoop Vanilla Shakeology ½ cup fresh or frozen mixed berries 1 cup ice Preparation: 1. Place almond milk, water, Shakeology, berries, and ice in blender; cover. Blend until smooth.

chick soup

Chicken Soup

Total Time: 40 min. Prep Time: 15 min. Cooking Time: 25 min. Yield: 4 servings Ingredients: ¾ cup dry whole wheat penne (1½ oz.) 1 lb. raw chicken breast, boneless, skinless, cut into bite-sized pieces Nonstick cooking spray 3 large eggs 6-9 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice, divided use 4 cups low-sodium, organic chicken broth, hot 1 cup chopped fresh […]