FIT Challenge

The FIT TEAM Accountability Group Application

Join The FIT Team
I want to be your Coach!  I want you to be a part of The FIT TEAM!

I take pride in taking care of myself and I am also a Nurse Practitioner. I have a passion for helping others and am qualified to help you. Through my services, you will be using products that have been proven to work, which is why I promote them.

With my background and knowledge, I can also provide you individual plans and recommendations to help meet your specific needs.

Why ME?

I am here to give you all the support, tools, fitness solutions, and motivation you need to get the best results. Studies have shown that people are 90-100% more likely to get the results they want when they are connected with a COACH.

Join my Challenge Group

What is a challenge group?

A Challenge Group is a private health and fitness group. You will be placed on a team with others who have decided to take the challenge and change their health and fitness forever. I will be your FIT Team coach and will provide encouragement, support and accountability along with your team members.