Meet The Fit NP

Nurse Practitioner | Online Wellness Coach | Online Business Mentor | Toddler Mom

Hey Yall!!!
Thank you so much for stopping by to visit my site! I’m thankful you dropped by and I believe your here on my site for a reason! If I can share a few things about myself in hopes that we connect on some way. I am..

  • A wife and toddler boy mom
  • An online wellness coach to busy working mom’s
  • An online business mentor for mom’s who want to earn extra cash or quit their day job
  • A lover of all things fitness and passionate about helping other working mom’s become strong, confident and the best YOU God made you to be !

Most Importantly I am saved by Grace and live on a prayer everyday!

I believe being FIT is so much more than being physically fit. I believe it’s also about being spiritually and mentally and even financially fit too. Hence where my team name is The F.I.T. Team (Faith. Integrity/Intention.TeamWork)

I believe to truly help others and be all you were created to be, you must own your life and help yourself first. Work on you! For me God is first, I must then take care of my personal mind, body and soul so that I can better serve others. As someone who didn’t think I wanted children because of body image issues, I know that when I am not taking care of me, everyone else suffers.

As a Medical Provider, my nature is to serve and I love being able to be used in this way. After having my 2nd son, I realized that “work” in the ER was taking near all of me and leaving little for my family. I was presented the opportunity to join an online community for support and accountability and learn how I could use my love for health and fitness as an avenue to generate income and be home more with my boys.
Now I not only get to care for kids at an urgent care just a few hours a week, but I have build an online business sharing my journey and now helping other busy mom’s build their own business from home as well.
The only negative thing I learned about the online wellness coaching opportunity is that I should have done it LONG ago.
For me this opportunity has given me back my JOY professionally! It’s about sharing one of my passions in life and getting the opportunity to help others achieve their health and fitness goals as well as life goals.
My passion is to help YOU learn to live healthy because God graciously gave us these bodies and it’s our responsibility to keep them tip-top!

Let’s get started.
Cheneil T (The Fit NP)