april blurr

Journey to F.I.T. April

april blurr
Hey Momma! 
I am so excited to start a fresh month and LIVE IN ABUNDANCE!
God has some AMAZING things planned for YOU this month! But you must take action!
I’m ready to experience a purpose filled life in Christ through Living out my FAITH, Live with INTENTION and partnering with Christ and other sisters like YOU as a Team to experience the crazy cool life God has planned for us!!
If you NEED a fresh start, a simple plan, I’ve got the perfect plan for you to!!
Journey to F.I.T. 
Join the journey!!
What included….
Daily Scripture writing challenge- follow Scripture on calendar
Daily Fitness challenge– follow videos on calendar 
Live Facebook Motivation MoJo Talks – watch for live videos on Facebook 
When you start shifting your focus to the things that matter, we can experience abundance, the way God wants us to experience it! Through Him! 
Journey with me!

Grab your calendar HERE


This week I am offering a FREE ReIGNITE Your Fire Facebook Group!
I will encourage you, motivate you and share how I am keeping my few in my own busy life!

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