Journey to F.I.T. December – Live on Purpose – Live in Peace

Live on Purpose- Live in Peace 

Our focus in December will be finding inner peace this holiday season!

I’m not taking about be lazy, sit back and hope for peace… I’m talking about taking DAILY action towards peace in your life!

What you’ll get..

• Daily scripture writing (focusing on peace)

• Daily Fitness challenge

• Daily FIT life challenge and LIVEZ chat on Facebook

I’m super excited to Journey with you sister!

Check out this short video for more information!


As we journey this month, Id like to extend a reality to you!

Your REASON for peace, for change must be bigger than your EXCUSES!

My reason is to be better, to leave a legacy of peace, purpose, joy and LOVE in my home!

But this legacy starts with ME!

It means I need be intentional with my life EVERYDAY! 

Spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally and even financially!

FIGHTing everyday with PURPOSE!

Recently my husband completed a 12 week redemption group!

When I started my redemption journey about a year ago, I was praying, praying hard for God to change my heart, to release my anxiety, to calm my spirit and do some crazy cool things in my life!

I prayed A LOT , I cried A LOT…. but the one thing that was missing is the understanding that God already gave me the spirit of a pure heart, the spirit of peace, the spirit of rest and has already blessed me CRAZY …. it was ME that didn’t trust and believe!

I focused so much on what I didn’t have and wasn’t doing, that I could even see the good already given to me!

So my REASON for getting out of bed early EVERY morning, my REASON to keep going despite how I feel, my REASON comes down to obedience to my redeemer!

A way to acknowledge that I have Faith in my purpose and through my daily action, HE will see it through!

It’s not about discipline, although is needed and learned not inherited,  it’s about obedience momma!

When you start to learn how God really feels about you and how unique and wonderfully made you are… you WANT to be better!

So you won’t see me quit momma!

I’m here for the long haul and I’d be honored to serve you on your journey! 

Let’s journey together!!

Love you


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