Hey Momma!
I hope you had a Super ROCKTOBER!
Man that went by fast!
Although fall festivities are so fun and often filled with family so such sweet memories, I don’t want one those memories to be I let myself go!
As easy as it to start focusing on the STUFF that surrounds the holidays instead of the little things that matter like family, simple, moments, our health… we need to decide now what our focus will be!
I hope you are ready to dive in with me and GO FOR NO in November!!
Start doing some soul searching and really focus on staying on track!
Staying on track with your health ALL the way through the holidays!
Your mental health, spiritual health and of course physical health!
It’s NOT the time to let yourself go! Matter of fact it’s the most important time to stay focused so we don’t loose sight of the real meaning of life, our life in Christ and all the many blessings around us!
When all the stuff, like junk, food, gifts, entertainment.. become the focus, we loose sight of the birth of the almighty and our reason to celebrate this season!
So!!! We are going to FIGHT! Fight FOR YOU this holiday season so you come out ahead and can better serve others and appreciate the small good stuff vs come out behind and feeling defeated before you even start the year!
Your going to do things different this year!
I can’t wait to Journey to F.I.T. With you!
Along with our daily time in the word of God, each week in November we will focus on some areas we will Go For No!
We are going into battle momma and I want to help us be prepared!
We gotta put on that armor with
• Daily Scripture Reading & Writing
• Daily Fitness/Plank Challenge (see videos below)
• Weekly F.I.T. Challenges
Week 1- No Junk Challenge
Week 2- No Negative Self Talk
Week 3- No EXCUSES
Week 4- No Giving Up
Basically if you dive in daily with me, you WILL be a better person!
You will start seeing some beauty around you and in you and will be stronger inside and out!
Let’s FIGHT together MOMMA!!
Your SPECIAL invitation to join me in my ONLINE FIGHT FOR YOU (through the holidays) starts Nov 7th!
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