My Hope is Found

Hey sister!!

When your brain is tired, your body is tired and you’re a medical momma on a mission…..

My Hope & Strength are found in HIM!


With a track record of insecurities, and an addiction to doing more, God is gracious!

I’m learning to rest in HIM so that I can experience the peace and Joy that only comes from HIM!

As someone who feels the need to DO, DO, DO MORE to make myself feel adequate and like I matter…. I would normally go into a full blown anxiety, guilt filled, worry paralyzing state and not get much accomplished on many days (except my workout cause it’s my daily RX for sanity)!

God has really been doing a huge thing in my heart and mind!

I CANNOT bring myself to peace and often I cannot bring myself to JOY!

But the awesome thing is, I (we) don’t have to and God knows we are incapable of most we are called to do!!

Why… He’s supposed to be our peace and our Joy must come from Him!

He wants us to trust and actually live in faith so that we can experience true PEACE & JOY!

I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that my heart is finally receiving Gods love for me and I am able to start living as His Daughter and in who I am in HIM!

Do you have a hope?

Are you really living dependent on Him or on your own capabilities?

Are there areas of your life that you just aren’t committing too because you don’t believe in yourself or in HIM?

If I can share 2 of the MOST effective things I’ve been doing that I believe is creating that SHIFT for me!

Please support me and give yourself a gift!

Start one today!!

1. Daily scripture reading and writing- being intentional about my time with Jesus daily!

2. Being in community every month with other women working towards a POSITIVE lifestyle! Focusing on improving our faith, food & fitness DAILY! It’s a journey yall and a lifestyle change happens with daily action of all 3! 

I’ll see you soon!
I’m the mean time…. if you believe you can’t, your right, but if you believe He can and take daily action… YOU WILL!
Love you!

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