Squats, Scripture & Surrender

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September is all about Squats, Scripture & Surrender!

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I’m super excited to journey though Surrender this month with you!
We will be challenged to surrender in several areas of life as we journey through gratitude, faith, love and grace!
As I was reading Jesus Calling, I was sweetly reminded that God desires us to be completely dependent on Him!
Our lives are meant to be boldly lived in collaboration with God!
When we live this way, our entire perspective  of everything changes! We see things differently!
When we start to surrender, we can begin to expect God to show up and waiting to see what he will do and we can start shifting our mind to humbly accept our weaknesses and KNOW Gods plans are far better than ours!
These core areas are things that I too struggle with and feel the need to journey along side you!
These areas will not only allow a closer relationship with God but also improved relationships and a healthier mind, body and soul!
I’m this months calendar you will find
✅ Daily Scripture Writing Challenge (these particular scriptures will help us fight the deception and lies we often allow to separate us from Gods truth!
✅ Daily Squat Challenge (video challenge plus good ol fashion squats)
✅ F.I.T. Challenges- weekly challenges to stretch our gratitude, faith, love and grace
I’m excited to be BOLD, live intentionally and Surrender with YOU!
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