Beyond The Bedside

Your Boss doesn’t give a flip about YOUR health!
But seriously y’all!
After years of education and working at the bedside, one thing rings to be true!
No one cares about how you get to work, if you’re healthy to work, what is going on home, in your head, how you feel that day… You just better get to work…
You feel me?!

So this is the deal!
I have walked in your shoes, I still work hours as a Nurse Practitioner, but God has called me to something BEYOND THE BEDSIDE!

I get YOU, the stress, the exhaustion, the loneliness, the feelings of failure, the lack of connectedness, the desire to do more, but also the want to just sleep and turn off the world!
I also understand that little voice that says.. You really need to do something about your weight, your mood, your health! And also that voice that says, I won’t see my kids for how many days, or I have to work how many shifts and not see my kids even more, to take that vacation!

Although I’m on my own IMPERFECT journey, with LOTS of flaws and craziness going on in this determined head of mine, I believe 100% God is paving a way to help me help you!

To share my failure, my stress, my lack of confidence, my success, my freedom to encourage and motivate you!
I am growing y’all!  I’m growing spiritually, mentally, physically, relationally and financially!
Through this growth my biggest mission, my calling, my passion is to see to it that YOU are growing into all God has created you to be too! A partnership, a community thriving in Faith, Intention & Teamwork!

So welcome to my journey… Beyond the Bedside!

Thank you for teaming up with me and walking this journey with me!! I can’t wait to be a part of your journey too!


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