August: Living in Abundance

It’s AUGUST!!!! Crazy crazy crazy!
The monthly challenge calendar is HERE!
So I just got back from an amazing event with The F.I.T. Team of coaches in Nashville!
My team, my fitness family, we rented a house, ate lots of great food, got some awesome workouts in including some with celebrity trainers, and were educated and encouraged! Check out our workout!
My team vision is community! We are mostly healthcare professionals and some of my team and I met online! So getting to see them and hug them for the first time was just amazing! My team is growing and I would LOVE to share this experience with you!!
Coming off an amazing and empowering event I am PUMPED! So excited to start a fresh month and LIVE IN ABUNDANCE! God has some AMAZING things planned for YOU this month! But you must take action!
I’m ready to experience a purpose filled life in Christ. Through living out my FAITH, living with INTENTION and partnering with Christ and other sisters like you, as a Team!!
I’ve got the perfect plan for you to!!
Join the journey!!
Daily Scripture writing challenge- follow Scripture on calendar
Daily Fitness challenge– follow videos on calendar
Weekly FIT Challenge– watch for live videos on Facebook
When you start shifting your focus to the things that matter, we can experience abundance, the way God wants us to experience it! Through Him!
Journey with me!
NEED A LITTLE EXTRA encouragement?

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