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Family Day & eating FIT while traveling!
Yesterday, we decided to take the boys to Glen Rose, TX to the Fossil Rim drive thru wildlife park. The drive was not too long and it was a great trip!
The boys enjoyed the drive, the animals, and I was super grateful to see them happy and for us all to be together on an adventure!
I highly recommend this places for all ages of kids!

I really enjoy these types of activities and I am on a mission to make tons of memories with boys, so this means lots of traveling. Traveling can get most people into the”quick and convenience mode” not the healthy mode.
But you know I do my best to eat clean about 80% of the time, this means when I travel, I am generally ALWAYS prepared!!
I pack at least snacks to ensure I’ve got decent options!
Here’s a little glimpse into how I worked my magic and made this gourmet sandwich to enjoy at the wildlife park.

The morning of this trip I had already made these AWESOME Sweet potatoes waffles for everyone to get in a good breakfast before leaving.
So for this particular trip, I knew we’d be having a picnic lunch there so I wanted REPURPOSE my already cooked food!
If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that meal prep/batch cook meat and veggies for most of the week and I then use these things to make different meal items without having to “cook” everything every night. I work a few evenings a week so that would be impossible anyways.
But this way we have quick options, we are less likely to eat out and we stay healthy and fit.

Things I already had cooked…
•Waffles ( recipe for the healthy sweet potato waffles- http://pin.it/CJxLA58)
• Lemon chicken (part of our meal prep earlier in the week but can use any protein you have?
• bacon (we had with waffles and I often have with most breakfast recipes)
• scrambled eggs (we had with waffles, but often I’ll scramble a large batch to eat on for 2-3 days)

So I pilled the chicken, eggs, 2 pieces of bacon and topped with a little swish cheese and sandwiched between the waffles while hot and wrapped in foil.
Once we got to the safari, I opened, places spinach leaves and avocado and BAM!!! DELICIOUS!

{Sweet Potato Waffle Sandwich}
Scrambled Egg with precooked chicken
Top with bacon and Swiss cheese
Top with spinach, avocado

Being healthy and eating healthy can be delicious! This meal is the kind of meal I eat on a regular bases! I EAT real food! You just need to be mindful of portions!

If you need a routine to help JUMPSTART your wellness, start now by replying to this blog or post with FIX ME!
Happy FIT Eating y’all

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