January FIT Team News

Hey Team!

I hope you are doing great and survived the holidays!

The Shift 2 FIT Online Extreme Boot Camp is up and running! We’ve had 3 groups embark on their fitness journey so far. I am getting some great feedback and can’t wait to share some of the final results with everyone.
All the information you need is HERE! 


I often get asked for recipes after I post a pic of my lunch/dinner on Facebook or Instagram. I wanted to share one of my latest dishes. It is super easy to prepare, cook and it is very filling. Stuffed Pepper


Being the new year, I wanted to share some tips for anyone starting on their health and wellness journey, and helpful reminders for those that are currently working towards meeting their goals. A New Year = A New You, RIGHT?!?!

  • Before you start take measurements, log your weight, and take before photos
  • Set a day, once a week, to weight yourself and retake measurements. (No need to weigh daily!)
  • Plan. Plan. Plan. Plan your daily meals in advance. Meal prepping is easy and so helpful!
  • Get the junk food out of your house. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite meals. Eat 80/20, clean/guilt-free.
  • Soreness, if just starting out, you can push through it! The idea is to keep moving.
  • Consistency, make a workout plan and stick with it.
  • Don’t fall back into your old habits. Change is uncomfortable and is never easy.
  • If you miss a day, don’t quit or give up, get back on the horse and do the next workout.
  • Accountability, let others know what you are doing or ask them to join you.

You all know I drink Shakeology. The 7th flavor in the Shakeology family has just been released. Cafe Latte. This new flavor is made with whole coffee fruit, the fruit that coffee beans come from. You all know I love my coffee. I can hardly CoNtAiN myself!! Check out these awesome recipes with the Cafe Latte flavor. RECIPES & MORE INFO

As always, I am here to help! Please message, email, call, visit my website, or send me a post card! I’d love to chat with you.

Cheneil (The Fit NP)


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