Busy Mom’s Solution for FUN Fitness! 

CIZE….. The end of exercise!  

 If you’re tired of squats, lunges, push-ups, and boring cardio, then this program is for you. We teach you the hottest choreographed dance routines to make losing weight and getting fi t an incredible, exhilarating experience! Those who want to learn how to dance Can you tap your foot to the beat while you listen to music? Do you ever sing along to your favorite song? Then you can absolutely learn how to dance—and get in shape—by following Shaun T as he breaks down each routine into simple, doable steps.

You need to CIZE it up! 

What makes CIZE unique?

In CIZE, anyone can hit the floor and dance on Day 1 and get fit in just 4 weeks. Each CIZE course breaks down a professionally choreographed dance routine step-bystep then puts the sequences together so you can perform the whole dance to a song from the CIZE music playlist. The routines get more challenging mentally and physically as the courses progress. But mastering the routines is so much fun, you forget you’re actually working out! Shaun T is your Personal Choreographer Shaun T has danced for the biggest names in the music industry and knows a thing or two about busting a move. Now, he’s going back to his dancing roots—and sharing that passion with YOU. He’ll be there every step of the way, guiding you through simple sequences that lead up to one seriously impressive dance routine that will get you moving—and into incredible shape!

What is CIZE™?

CIZE is a dance program for everyone and makes exercize something to look forward to! Professional choreographer and trainer Shaun T breaks down dance courses step-by-step, move-by-move, so that anyone can dance their way to fit in just 4 weeks.

  Why is CIZE effective?

CIZE may be the end of exercize™—but it’s not the end of hard work! CIZE keeps you moving the whole time by constantly introducing new moves that give you cardio training, strengthen your core, and tone every muscle—all at once! You’ll be so in the zone mastering the moves, you’ll forget you’re working out—and getting in the best shape of your life! The more you get into it, the more you get out of it! Plus, as the courses progress, they get more challenging. And that means more moving, more sweating, and more calories burned! Can I stream my CIZE workouts? When you purchase CIZE and become a Premium Team Beachbody® Club member, you’ll get unlimited access to Beachbody® On Demand, where you can stream CIZE and hundreds of proven Beachbody workouts via any desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device—wherever you have an Internet connection. Just look for “Purchased Programs” in Beachbody On Demand to stream your CIZE workouts.

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