Faith over Food- Strong in CHRIST

Faith over Food: Becoming Strong in CHRIST

Do you consider food consumption.. The wrong type of food a weakness?

If you answered yes, your not alone! Eating proper food is def hard in this busy fast paced world we live in! I think because the world around us is in such a hurry, we too start expecting immediate, fast convenient food!

Of course, this usually does not mean fresh and healthy!

When we find ourself on a downward spiral of unhealthy eating, it often brings depression, guilty, eating more to deal and running from the things we need to deal with!
But the truth is, food and all that it represents should not control us!

It has no value on your worth and it should not impact your attitude, feelings… God has given you power over food!

But you must make the choice to take control! You just commit your wellness to your creator and if your consumed and in the vicious cycle.. You MUST ask for help!

If food is your weakness, let CHRIST make you strong in this area!

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