Faith over Food: Making the Shift to FIT

 Busy working moms!

Enough is enough… TURN NORTH TODAY! 

Yes you… I know is hard!

The responsibility that we have on our shoulders can be very overwhelming and it’s easy to live in the world of sink or swim. Just getting by daily doing the best we can! Priorities end up being kids fed, kids clothed, kids sleep well, husband happy and fed, THEN get momma taken care of! 

Most of us live with little sleep and are in constant servant mode! Which is normal and the right thing to do. However of momma it’s healthy and happy then likely NOTHING else gets done. 

Not saying there’s no supportive and helpful husbands out there because I know an amazing one personally. My husband is VERY helpful. But let’s be honest! In most cases that I’ve experienced mom kind of makes things happen and most families heavily depend on MOM.

Now what about the health of your family? As a mother, are you conscious about that? Are you as worried about that aspect as you are others? 
Do you ever wonder what would happen if you got sick? If you couldn’t care for the kids’? If you couldn’t work? Because of your HEALTH! 

What if you become ill with something you could have prevented with just simple nutrition changes and adding simple fitness? 

I know it’s hard I know it’s often easier to just continue in a cycle of crazy.

BUT… You are a child of God! You are called to better and God expects better of us. 

When in the vicious cycle of defeat we are called to STOP AND TURN NORTH! 

Turn from your visions cycle of defeat and craziness and TURN towards your maker and turn towards a solution to get you out of the cycle!

There’s nothing about change and changing directions that’s easy. It’s HARD! And might seem impossible. 

But you can do it!

I encourage you to seek out help! Seek out a friend, a coach, myself to help get you on the right path! 


Turn North Today! 

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