Faith over Food: Making the Shift to FIT

Faith over Food: Making the Shift to FIT

Ok so here’s the scenario… Your in week 2 of your wellness journey and you have a baby shower to attend. You know there will be lots of food to choose from. You also know you’ve  been working  really hard and are aiming for a 2lb weight loss this week.

It’s the morning of the shower and you lost the 2lbs so your feeling confident and are now struggling with celebrating with a piece of cake.

Well first let me ask you… If you eat that cake will you feel guilty, overwhelmed with failure that you might consider quitting your journey, tempted to eat more cake or other unhealthy items? 

If you answered yes then I advise you avoid all together, why because it’s not worth the set back.

Plus if youve given your journey to the Lord he will provide a way out when tempted. 

If you’re in a place where you know the piece of cake will not derail you and you’ll not overindulge and immediately jump back in then your ok. 

Some things to consider.. Treat yourself to something other than food! If our continually treating  yourself with good you are more likely going to live in a cycle of guilt and defeat.

Treat yourself to a new water bottle, a new fun tank, new socks a new  workout program… Think about treating yourself with things that will create a lasting positive effect. 

God wants a lasting lifestyle change for you! He called us up treat our bodies as temples! 

He will provide a way, just trust HIM! 


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