Faith over Food: Making the Shift to FIT

Faith over Food: Making the Shift to FIT

Be Made Holy

When you go on a “diet” do you feel restricted? Do you feel deprived? 

If you answered yes, your not alone! 

This is how most people feel and honestly how I felt until I understood how food effects my body. 

If you are starting your wellness journey for the wrong reasons then you will likely feel this way and not be successful. A lifestyle switch is much more than just not eating and loosing weight, to many people disbelief.

Your reason MUST be deeper than your outward appearance. In my opinion, to be successful, you must first submit your journey to the Lord just like you would submit anything else that you would be hard.

You must have a plan which includes nutrition and fitness. 

These plan need to be thought out and planned out so you are able to daily plug in and accomplish things. 

You need a daily fitness plan and a daily nutrition plan! Failing to plan means your planning to fail. 

You need to set mental boundaries and restrictions for the sake of your sanity. Just decide you can and can’t do that you are taking control of your health and you are defining your freedom. 

Will this be hard.. YES! 

Will it be worth it… YES!! 

We are weak but can be made strong in our weaknesses through Christ. 

We are called to be slaves to righteousness which leads to holiness! 


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