Faith over Food: Making the Shift to FIT

Faith over Food: Making the Shift to FIT

Remove yourself or the temptation

Food is no different than any other harmful thing we encounter in our lives. If there’s something that could harm you you either remove yourself or the problem. 

If your shifting your mind to FIT we need to be on guard! Be prepared and ready in all situations. I’m not saying live crazy. I’m a busy working mom, I don’t have the time or the money to get crazy. I’m saying just keep your goals on the forefront and prepare to say NO!

If your a working mom there’s always food at work right? There’s always going to be an opportunity to get off your plan! 

If you are committing  yourself and your NEW SHIFT IN LIFESTYE to the Lord then he will give you an out, he will help you! 

So decide today you will either remove yourself (leave for lunch, bring your own food to work, just say no to the dessert) or remove the temptation (get the junk out of your house)!

God will make a way! 


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