Faith over Food: Making the Shift to FIT

Shift to FIT

Shifting your mind and body to FIT is not an overnight process nor is it something you should do alone. 

It will take a few months of consistent doing the right thing. Daily doing the right thing. 

Most people end up in the vicious cycle of defeat all because they gave up! They just didn’t keep going. 

There will ALWAYS be be temptations and things that we have the opportunity to eat! Most of which we don’t need. And as you know, casually saying yes over and over will gain you 20 lbs in a month if your not careful. 

So when presented with food choices you need to have a prepared mind. You must always keep in the forefront WHY you are choosing to change your lifestyle. Leaving our actions to chance and hoping we will make good choices will never work! 

I’m not strong enough for that! 

One of the best ways to make this shift to FIT is establish a WHY! Sit down in the quiet one morning before the hustle and bustle starts and write down some reasons WHY you  need to make the switch! Real WHY! 

To be around to raise your kids, to watch them graduate, to send the kids off and start dating your husband again, to have no pain, to positively battle depression, to be in a community for support. 

WHY do you need to change! 

Establish this and cling onto it! Remember this when presented with unhealthy food, when you don’t feel like exercising, when you are tired, when you are tempted to give up…. HONOR GOD! 
Remember our bodies are a temple and when we honor our bodies we are honoring God! 


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