Clean Eating 101

I am a very busy mom, probably just like YOU reading this post!!

I too struggle with nutrition!

Matter of fact if you follow me on my facebook fitness page then you will see that I recently went through a bag of white chocolate Reece’s AND white chocolate Cadberry eggs! Seriously if it’s in my house I can rarely say no!

So I choose to surround myself with others DAILY to help keeps self on track!

I decided several years ago I wanted to get a handle on my nutrition. Learn what works and what doesn’t  and figure out how to make it work with long job hours and kids!

I was part of a clean eating group and learned that clean eating doesn’t mean starving yourself, it doesn’t mean boring or bland food it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Once I learned what works to fuel my body, help me loose and maintain weight, my life has forever changed.

It simply means fresh, natural foods.

As a wellness coach I have seen many lives changed after completing my 5 day clean eating group! It had opened manys eyes better health and empowered many to continue with amazing health journeys.

What is require

  1. Application
  2. Measurements
  3. Eating the meal plan provided
  4. Drinking water
  5. Using FREE On-Demand workouts
  6. Posting in group daily

Who would benefit…

  • Busy mom
  • Working mom
  • Ready to start improving health
  • Need recipe ideas
  • Need accountability
  • Need positive support around you

When you enroll in my FREE clean eating group you will get

  • A PLAN
  • Shopping list
  • Meal plan released nightly
  • Nutrition, water, fitness tips
  • Encouragement and support from a team
  • Access to recipe and on demand workouts

To enroll in this group simply go to JOIN THE FIT TEAM and fill out the accountability group APPLICATION!

This will secure your spot!

If you have questions please email me at

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