A Tale of the Working Mom: Put on your CAPE and PRAY

Put your cape and PRAY!!

Are there any other working mom’s out there, particularly nurses who are blessed and provide a lot for your family?

If your like me, you wear many caps and capes and have to pray a lot and likely jump out of the bed at all hours of the day and night grab your cape and go, doing many things for your family.
If I can be honest, it is REALLY hard and not what I really expected at this point in my life.

Of course I expected life with kids to be crazy, and juggling things to be crazy, but work, paying bills, being away from my family, being responsible financially, trying to take care of myself so I can care of everyone else. It is really tough and can be mentally taxing. An upfront disclaimer if I was not blessed beyond words with a loving, patient, kind, selfless love/help/soulmate. My life would be a total and complete disaster.

I think sometimes on here as The FIT NP, I might appear to have it all pulled together and life is just all FIT roses.
But in reality, life in my shoes is not that way at all.

10 years ago I decided to go back to school to be a Nurse Practitioner because I was thinking about Tatum and Tye before they were even conceived. I knew that I wanted a little more opportunity and autonomy within Nursing and also knew that it would  generate a little more financially with slightly more flexibility for my future family.
During this process, I was supported by my husband Matthew who would say that’s awesome if you become an NP, I can quit my job and be a stay at home dad.

Little did we know that’s exactly where God wanted us 10 years later.

Now that we are living the “dream”, there are many benefits to having a stable and secure job that’s able to provide for your family. It is a blessing to be able to care for kids medically and make them better. I am truly blessed with the opportunity to be a Nurse Practitioner.
However, it also creates more hats for this mom to wear. Sometimes even the cape doesn’t even help. With the changes in healthcare as well as a bit of unrealistic expectations of those your caring for, the stress of upholding “the right to care” is a bit taxing. Not to mention a average maximum 3% raise yearly doesnt make you want to continue on the stressful path of bondage.

Over these last several month’s I have struggles with the responsibility that I have been given within my family.
Matthew has also struggled. We are definantly in a unique situation and learning to lean on God and each other through this process. We are trusting God!

I feel in my heart that peace and freedom is coming through a new hope, but I also know that God’s timing is not always when we want it, but when we NEED it. God’s timing is perfect.

Through all the stress and demands I encounter on a daily basis, there are several things that stand strong and bring positive light to this situation..
1. My Faith in Christ and the hope I have in him
2. My loving, selfless and supportive husband who has taken on so much,  as well as other family who help us
3. The opportunity to be a mother and the power behind this responsibility that creates a drive to be a better person daily and not give up.
4. My health and fitness and the opportunity I have to be a coach and impact the lives of others. My fitness family and accountability groups are truly a blessing and on a lot of days what keeps me going.

Many people wonder and ask why, or how… my health (mental, physical, financial) is a priority. It is non-negotiable. Second to placing God #1 in my day, I am happier, more peaceful, more productive, more helpful when I have made my health a priority.

So to all you mom’s out there that wear a lot of caps and jump out of bed praying the cape makes you fly today, know you are not alone.
Know that God has placed us in OUR situation for a reason and he is in the process of doing great things. He is using you for a particular purpose.

With God ALL things are possible and the cape, that’s just an awesome accessory.





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