New Year means New Direction and New Focus

Your solution for a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul in 2015.

I wanted to share a unique opportunity with you.

I am always up front about my struggles.

I have always struggled with body image even from a young age. I have been an athlete and loves being active, however knew very little about nutrition except that if you played hard you might not have to care much about your intake. I always viewed myself as the “bigger” girl among my peers. Sure I was a cheerleader, but I was the biggest cheerleader on the squad. I always felt insecure with this and have continued to struggle into my adulthood. For me, it has never been about what others think of me, it was just how I felt. I don’t recall anyone making me feel this way, but it became a deep insecurity with me. So deep that I was disgusted with what I saw in the mirror each day. This effected me mentally and also my relationships.

It was not until about 3 years ago that I surrendered my body to the Lord and asked for him to take this away.

It was during that time, that I discovered my passion for other women to be delivered from this bondage. As females this is such a huge deal. I realized that I can offer help, hope and a source of encouragement with other women who struggle like myself. I was introduced to the Beachbody opportinuty and realized this company was giving me the opportunity to share with others my passion and also help me provide an income for my family doing something I love.

Since it is the New Year, and because I will forever be a victim of body image struggles I have chosen to surround myself with others monthly to help with this accountability to stay healthy for me mentally and physically. I am also committing this year to God and time with him. He is the ultimate healer, helper and hope giver. So I wanted to start off the New Year with an accountability group with daily devotions, daily fitness tips, daily fitness, portion controlled meal plans as well as accountability and coaching from a team of health coaches.

A recipe for Success to start 2015 off right!

If you are interested in joining me please email me at



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