Detox, Cleanse and REFRESH: review of the 3 Day Refresh


After the holidays I actually came away feeling “ok” about my health and fitness! I had committed to a team of ladies to keep pushing play and following a meal plan through the holidays and I did it!!
Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!
Matter of fact I’m still pushing in this Max30 journey with my fitness family and we are rockin it!

So although I ate ok I did splurge several times on sweets, wine, fried good and pizza. Yep I sure did! I’m human and I eat a strict meal plan about 75-80% of the time.

So after I had been struggling with my sweet tooth and at a plateau with my weight loss I decided I needed a clean slate with the 3 Day Refresh!

I have done this before and it was just as I expected! Quite challenging the first day but the second i was actually full. It’s not a liquid diet so you get food, a protein shake and a fiber drink.
By the 3rd day I actually felt a little bloated but still satisfied.

I weighed in at 156 lbs and waist at 30
Post refresh 154 and waist 28.5

Down 2 lbs and 1.5 inch off waist

I am happy!
I feel lighter, less bloated, and ready to kick these last 4 lbs in the face!

I would love to be your accountability partner, share more about the refresh with you. I’d love to be your coach!

Leave your comment below!

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