Transformation Progress: In Christ Alone My Hope is Found

Progress reports: Bringing Sexy Back I am officially 2 months out after having my baby and of course there are so many personal challenges I am dealing with and waiting on my body to change is not one that I am dealing well with. I am experiencing exactly what happens when you dont get enough sleep and you are stressed. Cortisol is a biatch! It has ALWAYS played a role with me not being able to reach my goals. Even if I am doing everything right, if I am not getting enough rest and I am stressed, my body just holds on to weight.

For me right now, I am leaning towards the end of my maternity leave. I will be the first to say I am not the “stay at home mom” type, however I do not like to go full days without seeing my family. As a full time medical provider, most of the time we have the option to work 5 days a week or really long hours less days a week. Well its a catch 22. Either you dont see your kids at all on some days or only a few hours every day. With a newborn who needs lots of love and a near toddler who needs lots of attention I am having a hard time. My husband has been the primary care taker of my 19month old and it has been a blessing. He is in the process of going back to work as well. So of course that means our children will be cared for most of the time by someone else. I realize this is reality and people do it all the time, it will just take some adjustments. These lovely stress factors are not making my fitness journey any easier.

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In Christ Alone

I have also recognized that worrying is clearly not changing anything and matter of fact is mentally sending me into an unwanted place. Plus I am being disobedient as a Christian. God calls us to trust. I have not had much faith lately and I believe its in the moments and times that Satan really loves to attack us. He adds fuel to the fire. But on the flip side, I am 100% convinced that these trying times force me to rely on Christ. I cannot do these things alone.

IN CHRIST ALONE MY HOPE IS FOUND. – this apply’s to so many areas of life. I belong to him so everything in my life belongs to him. Every struggle, every stress. In Him I find my hope that everything will work together for good!


OK, OK, back to the bringing sexy back topic. I preach all the time that slow and steady wins the race, but I am NOT a patient person. However, there is no way that I can loose the weight in a healthy way and get the body I want otherwise. Can I loose the weight quick, well, I am pretty sure I could fall into some fad, or go get on medication, but I have no doubt that its not the right thing for me to do. I am physically capable to put in the hard work and as much as I get frustrated that the process is slow, I KNOW it will work and the strength, empowerment, self discipline I will gain through the process will be worth it. Any quick fix without learning your body and knowing how to maintain is pointless.

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Postpartum Progress

I will say that my service as a health and fitness coach is what keeps me going most days. Not only do I want to motivate others and live by example, but my challengers are incredible! They are exactly what I need to keep myself on track. It is a team effort for sure!! Although I have had a lot going on, I am still hitting it hard and staying consistent! I am doing P90X3 and PIYO hybrid alternating days. It has really been great! Both programs are 15-45 min which is reasonable to do during naps and squeeze in during other times with kids. I have enjoyed the challenging cardio with P90X3 and the stretching and challenging moves of PIYO. With both programs there is a way to modify and make things less intense and also ways to make things more difficult. My stamina is coming back and my core is becoming stronger. Although I am not seeing huge results I do feel better and know that I am improving overall. I am learning to not focus so much on the numbers right now..

postpartum, progress not perfection, thefitnp, consistency, p90x3, piyo, workout, mom of two, health and fitness coach


My diet has continued to be clean, with occasional treats. I will admit I had way to many sweets over the holiday weekend. I did get my workouts in and ate reasonably otherwise, but the sweet treats, which are my weakness was something I allowed. I am trying to live by the 80/20 rule so it is ok to treat yourself, just have boundaries and also know that it cannot begin a cycle of defeat.

I am actually looking forward to the changes ahead and the growth both personally and physically that comes out of these journeys.

If you can relate, join me!! You can make time for yourself and set the example for your family, friends, those around that are at risk.


~ thefitnp


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