Healthy and Fitness Journey : 3 Day Refresh progress report

Health and Fitness Journey

3-day Re-fresh daily details

Day 1

Started well with water intake, then my vegan chocolate Shakeology. I purposely chose the vegan chocolate because I had not tasted our new vegan formula. I thought it tasted great! Creamy, non gritty and the chocolate was not too sweet. About 1 hour later I had my morning fruit and my fiber sweep. The fiber sweep was, well, very fibery! It was thick and gritty with a little lemon flavor so I just chugged it with about 4 oz water. I was prepared for the fiber as I have done a fat flush in the past using flaxseed.  Plus I know the benefits, so you just do it. Then about 2 hours later I had my vanilla fresh shake with a veggies and oil/fat/protein source (I chose carrots and humus) and a fruit (apple). The vanilla fresh shake

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3 day refresh

is pretty tasty and a little different from our vanilla Shakology as it has a higher protein content and also contains a potato based protein. I don’t know if it was me or not but I felt like I could taste a potatoey flavor/consistency. Might have been in my head. About 2 hours later, I had another veggie snack which was cucumbers then for dinner I had a veggie medley, plus my vanilla fresh shake. I was not hungry at all during the day. I was drinking water throughout the day with a goal of 3 L . I did PiYo upper and lower body workout about 45 min. Day 1 went well.

Day 2 – Lost 3lbs

Woke up feeling really great! I honestly felt refreshed and lighter. Since the 3 day refresh has a specific meal plan for you, I did the same thing for day # 2 as for day one with a few variations. I did have a greens from a salad with some fruit (Chick-fi-la) which was on the plan since I did not have my fruit with my snack. I did get a slight headache in the afternoon so I upped my water and ate a few almonds which helped. My dinner was the remainder of the salad topped with strawberries that I had for lunch. Day 2 was easy and went well. I did not get a workout in this day.

Day 3 – Lost 1 lb and 1 inch off waist

Woke up feeling really great again, less bloated. Energy level not quite as high. Day 3 meals were also planned so not much variation. I went out to eat for lunch and had another small salad portion with greens, a few pieces of fruit and 4 shrimp (Gloria’s) . I also got another headache and felt a bit nauseous. However I knew I had not had adequate water. So I tried drinking more, ate a few almonds and felt better. For dinner I had greens with about a 2 oz steak (not at all on the plan).

I completed 45 min of PiYo, had my vanilla fresh and went to bed.

Day 4 – Olbs I felt really great upon waking. I felt like I had lost weight, I was not bloated, just felt lighter.


I felt like after the 4th of July and eating too many sweets, after working hard with my weight loss efforts over the past 6 weeks and no weight loss, I needed something to refresh me both mentally and physically. I felt like the 3 day refresh did exactly that. It lessened by bloat, helped me lose a few lbs, cleared by system and my mind.

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3day refresh results

You officially invited to GET RE- FRESHED

Who: Anyone who needs a little jump-start to starting a clean eating lifestyle, anyone who has hit a plateau and needs a little push, anyone who has fallen off the ban wagon and needs a swift kick to get back on, anyone who just wants to try a simple 3 day cleanse

What: 3 day Re-fresh cleanse –  healthy, natural cleanse

When:  Get Re-freshed Clean Eating Challenge Group starting Aug 4th

Or you can start anytime

Where: Your own home

Why: Because you are important, you and your health deserve to be a priority and because everyone could use a healthy cleanse


What next?

I continue on my journey with hybrid approach using PiYo and P90X3, I have enjoyed this combo because it really works well together. P90X3 is a lot of cardio and on the days that yoga or pilates style workouts are scheduled I do PiYo.

I can see definition in my upper body starting to form, I am feeling stronger and better.

I WILL win this battle! We can win it together!

Would you like to join me?

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  1. Hi! I might be interested in your boot camp you posted in Instagram. I just don’t know how to leave you a direct message on there and I didn’t want to leave my email in a comment 🙂 thanks

    • Hi Cherise!
      How are you!
      Im offering anorher 30 day bootcamp at the end of the month and I would love for you to join!
      If you fill our my form on my blog page with your email its private and only i recieve it. Then i can get back with you with details.

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