5 tips for a Healthy Holiday

5 tips for a Healthy Holiday
1. Get your workout in early
Take your DVDs with you, run enjoy gods creation, swim
Don’t leave to chance, grab a friend or family member, choose to do activities throughout the day that burn calories
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drink more water

Bonus Water exercises– free style swim, tread water, jump lunges in water, treading scissor kicks, breast stroke, squat pops in water
 Add more intensity (speed/sprint swim, hold a weighted object)
Perform each swim exercise for 5 minutes then the stationary moves 2
Repeat 3 times
2. Drink more water 
 Be prepared with a jug
Aim for 3L on hot summer days

3. When choosing food, stick with protein, veggies and fruit  first 

First of all don’t skip your Shakeology!
Plan ahead and think through your meals for the day. If you think you might get too busy and forget your Shako then drink in am or if you think you will have trouble passing up the afternoon Earle to eat another piece of cake save it to replace that.
Make sure your eating every 3-4 hours so your not leaving yourself starving for your main meals.
When choosing your food today think protein, veggies and fruit!
Boycott the Box and bags- try and avoid anything in a box or bag
Ex: carrots in stead of chips,  create salad with hamburger meat and don’t eat bun, choose 1:4 size of dessert serving and more fruit,
4. Relax- pick 1 meal to splurge on 
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Get your workout done

6. Bring something healthy that you can eat just in case!
Volunteer to bring the veggies or fruit tray
Healthy is a lifestyle!
You have to make a choice everyday!
Holidays are no exception!
I hope this helps to allow you to relax and enjoy time instead of stressing.

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