Postpartum Weight Gain – Progress Report on Bringing Sexy Back

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Postpartum Weight Gain – Progress Report on Bringing Sexy Back

Week # 2

Kind of a long week, however I felt pretty good about my progress overall about my week 2 journey to bring sexy back. My husband was more available to help with my baby as my older baby was with family. Therefore, I was able to get my workout in during the morning, which I prefer, and get a little extra cardio on a few days.

The Fitness: With the DVD program the 21 day fix there is no change in the designated workout for each day (there is a reason) so I did the same daily workouts. The difference this week is on 3 days, I did an extra 20-25 min of cardio (Hip Hop Hustle) to bring my calories burned up to 600 cal in 60 min. I also took 1 rest day as I was unable to get a workout in that day. I also did the Plyo workout which I did not do the week prior. I wore my heart-rate monitor for each workout as well and the average was about 300-350 cal for each workout. My heart rate pretty well stayed in my target zone for about 25 min with most workouts (which means throughout most of the workout).

Physical transformation: My abs are not as sore as they were after week 1, however, my legs are quite sore to start the week. The outer layer of fat I can see when I look in the mirror (mainly in my legs) of course is still there. My abdomen is still very soft and not shrinking.

Upon waking this am, my weight and measurements were.

postpartum fitness, fitness journey, weight loss, 21day fix, home fitness, workout at home, new baby, mom of baby, thefitnp

21day fix week 2 measurements

Wgt–  176 (Gained)

Measurements– minus 1 inch off hips and 1 inch off waist

Oh the joys of being postpartum….Yes that’s’ right gained and few inches lost.

I know what your thinking, maybe this 21 day fix program sure isn’t working for this girl to bring sexy back, it must be a waste of money or what is this girl doing wrong.

Take-a-ways: Well I know that the 21 day fix is a great program and bringing people great results as well as creating a stepping stone for a healthy lifestyle through portion control. As a fitness coach, I personally feel the program offers great variety and a decent calorie burn with a very liberal nutrition plan. I believe that if you push yourself and follow the recommended portion control, you will benefit from the program. However, as someone who has struggled greatly with loosing I found that for myself I needed to consistently try to burn as many calories as possible and exceed the 30 min for guaranteed fat burning. It took me a while to figure this out, but personally I needed more. This coupled with strict nutrition of course. I realize that every person and the way they respond to dietary changes and exercise is different, however,  I feel that for those who have quite a bit of weight to lose you are more likely to lose more on a program like the 21 day fix (like with most programs). For those who do not have as much or just have a stubborn body like myself, the 30 min might not be enough.

Am I doing something wrong? Of course I am thinking this myself, so here is a recap from my week. I am taking in a slightly higher amount of calories due to breastfeeding and milk supply closer to 2000 cal/day (which I saw a decrease when I decreased intake), but my foods are whole foods. I am eating some “milk” cookies which consist of oats, flaxseed, stevia, brown sugar and peanut butter, typically 2-3 day (small fruit dipper size). Confession!!!!  I did have a mini Sonic Blast one night in a weak moment when my husband brought it home instead of my fat-free/sugar-free yogurt. There was also 1-2 days I did not get my complete gallon of water. Otherwise I do not keep unhealthy/clean foods in my house. We have to make most of the foods we eat. So I do not feel my one treat made me gain or is hindering my loss. The sugar content in the cookies could be playing a role. Otherwise I am sticking to a healthy meal plan.

I do know that I am retaining fat to some degree for my breastmilk, however the whole physiology on weight postpartum is quite tricky and VERY independent from the research I have done.

Emotionally: I am 100% not happy about the gain, nor about the way I look in the mirror. Yes this is a heath and fitness journey. I believe this journey is one of the hardest mental and emotional journey anyone can be on. It sucks. Its hard. It would be very easy for me to let my feelings and emotions get the best of me. I know Satan has been trying to use these weak moments of discouragement and unhappiness to attack me. However, I will not let this discouragement keep me from feeding my son what I know is best for him especially since my body is working for me and I have been given the opportunity to breast feed. I also will not let this stop me on my bringing sexy back journey.

As I told my challenge group tonight. These feelings and all, are reasons why MOST people decide not to get healthy and fit or give up within a few days. No time, gaining instead of loosing, too tired, can’t get it done in morning… the list can go on. But I AM NOT your average person.

You are not either! Do not let the little Satan bird on your right shoulder convince you that you are not worth it. Knock him down and repeat after me.. You are worth it! That’ s what I did tonight and pushed play! I feel so much better now and you will too!

Continued progress to come!!

Thanks for following my journey!

I would love to hear your comments and experiences especially with postpartum fitness, nutrition and weight gain.


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