Getting Fixed- Progress Report on Bringing Sexy Back

Getting Fixed – Progress Report on Bringing Sexy Back

I started my most recent health and fitness journey 1 week ago. After having Tye and listening to my body as well as the recommendation of my OB I was able to officially get back into my exercise routine. For this I am very thankful.

Just a little back ground. I had a very active and fit pregnancy, I had a vaginal delivery and have not had any unusual complications since giving birth. So I started this journey at the beginning of the 5th week postpartum. Thankfully I was able to remain very active and did try to maintain my healthy lifestyle. I gained 25 lbs, and even this amount caused extra unwanted issues. It was causing pain (which my back and knees were a problem so I was seeing a chiropractor) and also placed me at risk for high blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar problems. I know this because I had almost reached this weight a few years ago and these problem were on the rise until I lost weight and got more strict with my diet. So now that I am not pregnant, I have to be careful and get back on track as quickly as possible. However, I know that it took 9 months to get here so it will take at least 9 months to get by body back.

If I can be real for a minute. I want to share a struggle that I had with Tatum and now again with Tye. Knowing the effort I did put in throughout my pregnancy and the body I am left with after having delivery. I know you are NOT supposed to compare yourself to others and typically I do not, but my heavens. Yes, I was pregnant, but all that I did to maintain a healthy lifestyle you would think there would not be this much cellulite in so many places that I now have to work EXTRA hard to get off. I know that my pregnancy was some what easy due to staying fit and healthy, but that is my “poor me” take away. My body sure as heck does not look or feel like I worked hard. Needless to say, I can just sit here and wollar in those negative thoughts and have myself an adult pity party or I can decide that this will be a testimony of faith, commitment, and hard work.

So it all began. My health and fitness journey.


Since exercises is only part of the journey, I needed something that I knew would help me with both diet and exercise right from the beginning. I started a program called the 21 day fix with one of my current challenge groups. I NEEDED a well thought out plan that was all there for me. I am tired and do not have the time or energy to think about all this on my own right now, plus we can ALL use the accountability. Historically, I am always doing some sort of program with all my groups. I believe in practicing what I preach. So for me to get back into things, the easiest way was to participate in a group and go a complete program. I chose the 21 day fix because it teaches portion control and I know mine has been way off since being pregnant. I would say I continued to eat healthy while pregnant but I did not monitor portions. Inevitably, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Along with portion control containers, there is a recommended shopping list with meal plan/daily container plan. So I know what I am to eat 5-6 times a day.  The 21 day fix also provided me with a calendar of workouts 7 days a week. I believe in having a plan. The worst thing I think anyone can do is wake up day-to-day and try to “figure” out what they are going to do. Even when I am at my fittest, I typically have a weekly plan for my workouts and I am on a strict meal plan most days. In my opinion, these things are a must!!!!! If you don’t plan, you are planning to fail. We can all come up with excuses.

So I have completed the first 7 days of the 21 day fix meal plan and workouts.

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before picture

Positive take-aways

1. Perfect Starter Program-  Although I was working out up to the day before deliver, for whatever reason my body is just different now and of course I am much heavier so the 30 min workouts are reasonable and push you enough for starters. There is room for lowering intensity and upping your game if needed. I love that there are weights used.

  • My abs were sore for the first 3 days
  • My glutes were sore after Pilates fix and Cardio fix

2. Perfect variety – there is great variety from day-to-day in the workout plan and the food options are not as restrictive as many programs I have done.

  • I have freaked out a little with the portions
  • Most of the time when I feel I am still hungry its just I have not let my food settle or have not drank enough water
  • The recommendation to eat every 2-3 hours helps you balance your portions and blood sugar. You should not eat more to make it longer in between. Eat smaller so it doesn’t last and your metabolism naturally increases.


Honestly I do not have any negatives pertaining to the program. For the average person doing the program, I feel it is well-rounded and very reasonable. For those not used to monitoring portion control, it is challenging. I think that it provides enough variety that for “fit” people it gives you a little challenge. However, I believe that there is always room for pushing yourself in any workout so you may need to speed up the exercise, increase weight, take no breaks or add some fancy stability stuff to burn more calories if needed. There is also a big debate on if 30 min is enough for weight loss, quality vs quantity. That is a discussion for another time, but I feel that there may be occasions where you need to double up and this program encouraged this on the last week.

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before stats

The negatives I am feeling pertains to my particular circumstances being postpartum and breastfeeding. So for those of you in my situation, you may be able to relate. There is a tricky balance with everything in regards to how your body with respond to exercise and how your milk supply will respond as well.

1. Calories and hydration – I did the 3 day quick fix and by day 3 I knew my milk supply had decreased a little. I also know that when I was trying to pump, I as getting headaches. I believe all of this to be related to water intake and possibly less “good fat, good carb” intake.

  • I upped my water to 3 L (which I should be doing anyways) and started adding back my natural peanut butter and nuts. The fix allows for “good” carbs, so in my opinion they are a must while breastfeeding. I slightly increased the amount of oatmeal I am allowed. I am also trying to stay on top of my protein intake.

2. Being exhausted – as a mom with a new baby it is hard to balance. Right now I am thinking I can go get this 30 min workout done while baby sleeps or maybe I should I rest, since all of my sleep is broken. (sleep deprivation can also inhibit weight loss). 30 minutes is such a SMALL part of your day and for most people in most situations, I say NO EXCUSES. You can find time, however I struggle some days.

Overall I have to say I am very overwhelmed and anxious about this LONG process. It just SUCKS! Really it does. I can relate to those of you who have more than 20 lbs to lose and you feel like it is just going to take too long and have “how can I do this” thoughts. However, my reason is still the same. I HAVE NO CHOICE. I have 3 people who are depending on me to be the best person I can be. I also have other family, friends, my fitness family, and my patients. I NEED to improve my health and get myself back. If I can say it like this, I am not ME! I am not happy where I am. Even if I could convince myself that I was happy where I was, it is not healthy and I can’t stay here. I have to push my excuses to the side, extend my need for help to my Jesus and get the accountability I need from my challenge groups and other fit family members. I do not think anyone can do this type of journey alone!

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So if this is you today, you feel hopeless, helpless, overwhelmed, or anxious, reach out to me! Please know there is NO quick fix and I would NEVER offer you one. Whether it be for energy, weight loss, whatever, but know that I do understand and I want to help! I can offer a lasting solution so we can be the BEST WIFE, BEST MOM, BEST FRIEND, we are called to be for a lifetime!

Here’s to feeling sexy again, how about  you?


Stats after week 1

Weight – Gained a lb

Inches- no inches lost.

Did I mention my body is stubborn? So don’t give me any excuses why you don’t start a program, I guarantee my struggle is just as difficult.



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