21 Day Progress Report: Bringing Sexy Back

21 Day fix progress report: bringing sexy back

I am currently finishing bus up my 21 day fix journey! I started exactly 21 days ago, I was 3 1/2weeks postpartum and I was released to start back my workout routine.
I would say it has been a great way to get started and back into a consistent routine.
Even though I worked out while pregnant, the intensity level of my workouts decreases towards the end and I was advised to take a break after delivery to allow my body to recover.

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21 Day fix- before and after

Throughout this 21 days, I have tried to have realistic expectations and develop a starting point with goals! I have found that the hard part right now is not knowing how my body will respond to my efforts since still being early postpartum as well as breastfeeding!

As I contemplate how to discuss my end results, I do not want to sound too negative, however, I am struggling and I believe is part of the journey. I have never had ANYTHING come easy for me. I do not take that in a bad way and do not want pity as I believe these struggles have made me who I am today and will continue to do so. I also believe that my struggles are reminders to depend on Christ. So as I discuss my results, please consider the fact that although delivered from the sabotaging effects of having a body image disorder, it will forever be a struggle.

Take a-ways:

Workouts– I continue to support the variety and effectiveness of the workouts in the 21 day fix. I feel that they are well-rounded and offer the opportunity to increase intensity and impact for higher calorie burn.

Meal plan– portion control – I was not following the portion control completely, instead I have been trying to establish a routine of clean eating and eliminating some bad habits I developed while pregnant. The fact that I did not do the portion control religiously could have hindered by results. I do however have some small victories to celebrate. I have eliminated cream from my coffee, I have lessened the fro-yo encounters, I have become more aware of my intake again and I am drinking more water.


healthy, fit mom, transformation, body image, weight loss journey, thefitnp, get fit, get healthy

21 day fix before and after

Weight – gained 2 lbs over all

Inches – lost 1.5 inches

Personal take away’s – Well I am sure you have figured out that I am not happy with my results. I too get hung up on numbers and when you are working hard and see numbers, especially those on the scale go up it’s not encouraging. Rather it can be very discouraging. My issue with tracking things is that often times I can get overly obsessed with setbacks and my outward appearance as well as the high numbers can result in a bad attitude and teeter the fence of depression. I wish that these things did not affect me in such a way, but they do.

What I am learning is #1 pray for strength and that results would not ruin my attitude or well-being and # 2 try to focus on non-scale victories like how I feel. As crazy as it sounds, I think my recent addiction to motivational tank tops is a result of the way I deal with how I feel. These shirts not only motivate me, but make me feel good. Who doesn’t like wearing a new cute workout top?

At the end of the day, I will not be giving up, being active and physically fit is something that is part of who I am. It is something I truly enjoy, it empowers me, it gives me energy, it boosts my mood and quit frankly it is my drug.

So what’s next you ask?

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I started my next 30 day journey with P90X3 today! I am excited to experience a different trainer and mix things up a bit.  As always, I WILL change, I WILL get my body back and a better person WILL be created throughout this journey.

To God be the glory!


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  1. I understand where you are at. I could not lose the weight I wanted until I quit breast feeding. Just remember things were different with that with your first journey, and you are blessed with that gift this time. Our bodies as you know are all too smart to hold on to it. I’m sure some of the gain is muscle. You are beautiful mama! Keep goin. Just wanted to give you a little pep talk. We all need that every once in a while. Since you are giving it to us every day?

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! I’m hoping to create an additional layer of authenticity so that people can walk this journey with me! It sucks but it is a journey so I have to start somewhere and I believe that yes breastfeeding and all plays a role! I’m blessed with a little angel and am willing to take the consequences of breastfeeding as long as that lasts. I truly appreciate the pep talk! I love motivating and encouraging others but I can ALWAYS use a does myself so thank you!!!!

  2. You are such an inspiration. I am so blessed to have a coach like you. I am exited to begin my bringing sexy back journey.

    • Oh my goodness Kat! Thank you so much!! I am really just a gal who loves health and helping. So I figured my blog might start helping others a little more if you all can experience life with me!! I am honored to get to help people like you! I truly believe you can change your life, one day at a time and my joy is to be a part of that journey!
      Thank you so much again!!!

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