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Perfect Pregnancy Products

Perfect Pregnancy Products

I think you would agree that pregnancy itself can bring on a whole different level of joy and excitement about life. However, I also think most people would agree pregnancy also triggers some stress, anxiety and major body changes.

During my pregnancies, I was always looking for things to make staying fit and healthy easier. I knew that continuing with my healthy lifestyle was not an option but often times it was a daily struggle. specifically when you are nauseous, have no energy and at times become trapped in the mind-set of “why bother” if the inevitable weight gain is going to happen anyways. However, I found that when I focused on how these perfect pregnancy products made me feel, I was able to stay focused.

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Fit Pregnancy

I can tell you that above all things during pregnancy, the body changes and weight gain probably effected me the most. I will admit that during my first pregnancy, part of the joy was stripped away due to this struggle and not only did it affect my mental state, but it also translated to a terrible attitude which affected those whom I love as well. Therefore, with my second pregnancy, I really prayed a lot, tried to stay healthy, and did everything I could to not allow the weight gain strip me of the joy. Part of this process for me was to try to focus on positive things such as finding perfect pregnancy products that made me feel good about myself.

Well, like everything else in my life, I try to look at the positive and press on. Redirect my mind to a place of making the best choices I can and seeking out ways to help with the process. Like life when not growing a baby, I want to feel confident, I want to feel good, I want to inspire others, I want to motivate others. Pregnancy did not change this for me. I do not look down on others for not having this outlook, however encourage others to try and make the switch. I am 100% confident that this type of outlook on pregnancy makes the process much more positive for you, the baby and those around you. There is no reason that as a pregnant woman you cannot feel sexy, strong and confident. I feel that if you are creating a positive mind-set within, you are more likely to enjoy life and all it brings.

Part of the positive process included finding perfect pregnancy products which are listed below and why I chose them.

Top 10 Prefect PREGNANCY Products to make YOU feel better during the process.

P– Preparation

  • All around preparedness is key to anything in life if you want to “feel” successful about the process and the end products. Regarding pregnancy, there are many ways to be prepared. Although I believe conception and “preparing” for becoming pregnant or having children is something that is near impossible and not in our control. I believe God has his hand in this. However, I feel that you can become familiar with your body and the changes you will be going through and understand how you can help these changes and make the process better
  • Birthing classes – Birthing Class- Bradley Method – this class is wonderful regarding preparation. I am a healthcare provider and I felt like I still learned a lot and it allowed my husband and I to learn together.
  • Chiropractor- As part of being prepared and taking care of your body during pregnancy, I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor, with pregnant client experience, if you start feeling any discomfort. Part of the process of pregnancy is laxity in joints specifically in out hips. Most people do not realize that hip, pelvis and leg/knee pain are often related to this joint laxity and can be helped with an experienced chiropractor.

R– The RX factor

  • As a health care provider I am not one to take medication, however because I understand how the body works while pregnancy I understand there are things that are happening that we cannot control. I understand the through these changes within out bodies are something we cannot “think” through, pray through and such. I believe there is a time and place for using an RX (medication) and pregnancy is tricky. Typically you have to weigh out the pros and cons and risks. I know I suffered significant and debilitating nausea which was helped by medication (I refused to take my first pregnancy, but realized it was not worth the misery with the second) I also suffered from some emotional instability during my second pregnancy which resulted in taking an anti-depressant. After trying all the “natural” ways so deal, it became an unsafe situation. You have to decide what is best for you, but the RX factor for me was a perfect pregnancy product to help me through the process.

E– Exercise Band

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  • Oh how I LOVE my exercise, and pregnancy was no different. There is just something about sweating, getting your heart rate up and completing a hard-core workout that makes me HAPPY!!! It’s a mood changer for me. It makes me feel confident, strong and accomplished.
  • Exercise bands (Resistance band)– I was using weights until about the start of my 3rd trimester and I started having contractions. I was put on modified bed rest for about 2 weeks then allowed to do “light” exercise. So I started using the resistance bands instead of weights and this was an awesome way to keep toned.

G– Gabriella Band (pregnancy support band)

  • Since I continued my exercise routine I needed something to help feel that my body and baby bump was secure. I found this amazing band and used through both pregnancies. I cannot tell you how much it helped support me. This band is a perfect pregnancy product.
  • Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt – check out this site for my favorite support band and other pregnancy products

N– Nutrition

  • Of course I promote adequate nutrition at all time, but during pregnancy , you are providing nutrition to baby. Therefore it is even more important to fuel your body properly. One of my perfect pregnancy products that offers premium natural nutrition is Shakeology. Not only did it serve as my pre-natal/multi-vitamin, but it also had protein, fiber, iron, probiotics and prebiotics. All of which helped with digestion, energy, and many other things.
  • Shakeology– check out Shakeology on my site
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A– Accountability/Support

  • You need people around you to support you maintain a healthy lifestyle all the time. This support will likely look different for most people. I encourage you to find a community to surround yourself with. This is a huge reason I became a Beachbody Coach. This is my way to pay it forward and help others, all while keeping myself accountable. I LOVE helping others and they help me. It is a win-win.
  • I host Challenge/Accountability groups and this is just accountability. I support and encourage people through a fitness program. Being pregnant does not mean you cannot workout and actually you should continue. There are always ways to modify moves for pregnancy which is also something I do on my you tube channel ( The FIT NP- YouTube channel.)  I did several programs T25, Piyo, Turbo Fire, Hip Hop Hustle all while up until the day before delivery. In my groups we do these programs and I also help with nutrition and creating a lifestyle change. These groups work time and time again so this is why is it one of my prefect pregnancy pics (products)
  • Check out information on challenge groups and how they can help you from my website

N– Never enough water

  • Hydration plays such a significant role in pregnancy. Water helps maintain fluid regulation by controlling  body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. Adequate water intake during pregnancy specifically prevents dehydration which can lead to complications. One of the perfect pregnancy products I found fun and an easy way to get my 2-3L of water in each day was the Bubba Cup. BUBBA CUP . I would drink 1 L before noon and another 1-2 the reminder of the day. LOVE my BUBBA!

C– Cute Clothes

  • Yes I believe you can and should look while pregnant and even more so feel that way. Although some people may feel better in bag clothes, I did not. I wanted to wear things that flattered my body and my bump. One of the things I did throughout my pregnancy was continue to “treat” myself with workout tops. I can always cut up the top to make it fit after pregnancy if needed. Having fun clothes to wear helped me feel confident and is a perfect pregnancy product.
  • Check out Reverence Apparel- fit clothing and STRONG_MOM_FITNESS_APPAREL
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Y– Your Well-being

  • Tending to your well-being is physically and nutritionally are very important, however, I believe that your spiritual health is even more important. If you are not connected with a faith, I would love to share mine. If you know this is an area of need for you, please seek this out. One of the perfect pregnancy products that I use ALL the time are reminders from Made to Crave devotional that God cares about our health and fitness.

I hope that you find these perfect pregnancy products helpful for you. Let’s chat, leave your responses and opinions. Pregnancy is such a complex process and there are lots of things that work for some and don’t work for others. Please check out all the products and then share my blog. Through this post, hopefully someone’s pregnancy will be a more positive experience.




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