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Labor, Delivery and Bright Beginnings: A Birth Story

Labor, Delivery and Bright Beginnings: A Birth Story of Tye

Let me start this story with a little pretense regarding my emotional state and feeling towards the birthing process of my second child. My first child is 18 months old, which means I have a pretty vivid memory of all the events that occurred during pregnancy, labor and delivery….oh and the sleepless nights and adjusting to being entrusted with a human. With my first son, my husband and I did a 12 week birthing class to help us both prepare for a non-medicated labor and deliver. We chose the The Bradley Method, which was a wonderful class full of information on anatomy, nutrition, partner role, relaxation and labor and delivery options. I 100% recommend this class for anyone who is even debating a non-medication birth or just wants to learn more and connect with your partner. So with my first child, I felt well prepared. I felt that I knew that labor and delivery was going to be hard and very painful. I consider myself an athlete and I know pain and I also know about putting your mind in a place to endure. So I felt prepared on many levels. I did workout very heavily with my first child to prepare my body and mind and I KNOW it played a very important role in the process. The one thing that I think made the first pregnancy different from the 2nd is that I knew what was going to happen. I think most people can go into a lot of things blind and actually do better than expected, but when you are doing things for the second time, like labor and delivery, for me it made the mental preparation very difficult.

The things that were difficult for me was the pain and the lack of control that I knew I wasallowing my self to endure. This time, I knew what I was going to go through and I kept teetering on the fence of why. Why am I going to do this to myself, I could go to the hospital early on, labor there and receive medication that could help me with the pain. However, I knew why I did not want things this way, and it was the same reason as with my 1st child. I wanted to labor at home and have control over my environment, I did not want medical staff checking on me and putting me on a time clock and I did not want to be given medication due to its risks on me (slowing labor, limited mobility after, risk of not working), the risk to the baby (alertness, respiratory concerns). I just knew I did not want medication so I kept telling myself it is only for a very short time….labor and the delivery is only for a very short time….labor and delivery is only for a very short time….

Thursday May 1 I did my typical pre-work routine of working out, drinking my Shakeology and getting ready for work. Once I arrived to work, I knew I was feeling some contractions, but tried not to mind them much. They were not consistent nor uncomfortable enough to change anything. So the remainder of my 6 hour shift in the ED  as a Nurse Practitioner is where my birth story begins. You would think I would not be nervous working in a pediatric emergency room, however we don’t deliver babies, EVER. No one wanted the risk of that happening either. Thankfully nothing happened while working. The contractions continued throughout the night and were strong enough that I did not sleep. So of course, what’s a girl to do when she can’t sleep? Contemplate.  Contemplate about what I wanted to do regarding laboring and the delivery. I know this was just because I knew what was coming, I do not handle being out of control well and I was scared. However I got up that morning and I knew what I really wanted. I just prayed (which I had been doing) that God would take the fear and would somehow make the process go faster and of course I asked it to be less painful. I think I was just scared. I did not want to experience the process in such a way I did the first time again. But once again I knew what I wanted and I started telling myself it is really for only a short time. “You can do it.”

So after I got up I walked upstairs and told my husband that I had been having contractions all night and they were still consistent that morning. The contractions were still mild so of course we were questioning if this was “it”.

Playing it safe we began arranging for my son to stay with family, and in the mean time went for a walk.

I knew it would be a while before I could enjoy the sunshine and get my fitness in so I wanted to walk and walk and walk. Which is what my husband and I did all afternoon as labor progressed. Of all the things that make the laboring at home 100% worth it is this time I got with my husband. We just talked, and talked until I couldn’t anymore. Yes, the pain gets strong enough and contractions coming frequent enough that you can’t really carry on a good conversation. During the laboring process, there were several pain modifiers, labor easing techniques we learned in the Bradley class that I was doing while at home.  Such as squatting, taking a bath, using the stability ball and just talking. We had not reviewed the Bradley Method book much during this pregnancy but I felt were able to pretty well working together.

thefitnp, the fit np, birthstory

About the 7pm hour, I began to get very nauseous and dry heaving. Of course I had not been able to tolerate but a few bites of food and maybe 16-18 oz of fluid since the night before due to nausea so things got pretty miserable. So miserable that I was having trouble dealing with the pain and nausea. My OB was called, since it was after business hours, the on-call Dr advised us to go to hospital. So at that point, even though I was crying not wanting to go to hospital yet because I didn’t think I was dilated enough, I threw in the towel. I was done. My husband did not like seeing me in this shape and felt it was probably time too. We arrived at the hospital around 8. Once the nurse came to room, she found me to be 5 cm dilated. And that my friends is why I did not want to come to hospital, however I’m VERY glad that I did. There are 2 scenarios which could have went down, I could have labored for several more hours or  things could move quickly. I felt that the nurse was thinking I have a way to go. At the time, all I could think about was the fear of several more hours of painful labor and I had to do it at the hospital. I am a nurse and now a Nurse Practitioner, I know we have to do a specific job, I know there are protocols, I know safety has to be a the top of the list, but I don’t like to be on the receiving in. Within a short amount of time the on-call Dr arrived in the room and breaks my water. So if you know anything about a woman’s body in labor and what happens after your water breaks, you know that things are going to start happening pretty quick. For me personally, this process happened much quicker with my second.

Sure enough, within about 30 min of my water being broke and my contractions getting….well,unbearable, it was happening. If you have delivered a baby naturally, you know, the contractions lead to the pain of the baby getting ready to enter the world and the feeling of being completely out of control as your body makes it happen. I was feeling all of that and was progressing much quicker than I believe the staff was ready for. Since things were moving quite fast, I was laying on my side, which is not your traditional “hospital” position. So while on my side and not even 3 pushes later, Tye was born.

thefitnp, the fit np, birthstory,

(As a side note, from my husband’s perspective: He said there was a flurry of activity in the room when I had the urge for the first push.  Techs were coming to help, the nursery nurse arrived, the medical team was rushing to put on all their sterile wear.  He said it happened so quick that the Dr was only able to get one shoe-cover put on in time.)

I was then able to hold my precious 6lb 14 oz son. That moment is quite the surreal, miracle moment. It becomes a reality that the baby you were growing for 9 months is now in your arms, alive and well. The moment you realize you have now been entrusted with another life. I am so thankful for the entire process, the sequence of events and God’s faithfulness through it all.

Here’s to bright beginnings!


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  1. That’s an amazing birthing story! Quite possibly almost perfect!!! I too was blessed with a body that knows what to do when it’s time to deliver a baby, but being strong and in shape is also of utmost importance! The uterus is a muscle and the better shape it’s in the better job it can in delivery! My second delivery runs parallel to your story and I had the same thoughts as you. Thank goodness it went fast there at the end right?! And yes, there’s no stopping your body! And as you know each delivery is faster! Congrats on your new baby boy! Brothers are forever buddies.

    • Wendy @
      Thank you so much for going to my website and responding to my blog post! I am new at this an I am honored to have a blogger veteran visit and comment.
      Glad the pregnancy is over, but on to more stress-fully blessed things, right? I am excited to add to our family and hopefully there will be more of friendship than fighting 🙂
      Thanks again for visiting!

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