What to Eat During Pregnancy?

What to Eat During Pregnancy?

Foods for healthy mom and healthy baby

There are a lot of articles, books, blogs and such out there giving suggestion regarding what you should eat during pregnancy.

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Although many people suggest an increase in caloric needs during pregnancy, I do not necessarily agree. I also feel that the suggested awareness of the quality of your intake should be no different than when not pregnant. However, I understand that for the general population, most people are consuming more calories than they should and are not consuming the proper calories on a daily bases anyways. My philosophy regarding nutrition is to EAT TO LIVE not LIVE TO EAT. Well we all know this can be a hard concept to adapt, however if you put food in your body to fuel it, not necessarily because you’ve been craving it all day or just because it tastes good, you are merely eating for the purpose of pleasure not to provide nutrients . I also am aware that convenience is a huge factor in what we eat and this likely plays a huge role in the poor choices we can make. However I am hoping that you are able to read this post and recognize some ways you can incorporate these healthy food options into your diet, if for no other reason than to provide good quality nutrition to your growing baby.

Medically speaking, your intake contributes to the normal development, growth and function of your growing baby. Too much of anything or not enough of certain things can result in negative outcomes. Poor nutrition has been linked to poor newborn outcomes and pregnancy complication. Some of the most common complications that mothers can experience from poor nutrition are anemia, placental malfunctions, low blood volume, difficult labor, c-sections, preeclapmsia, and problems with breastfeeding.

The serving amount for a pregnant woman is generally no different than the average woman. However, one of the biggest increases that is suggested is with protein. It is suggested that pregnant women get approximately 100 grams of protein a day.

One of the suggestions that I support at all times is eating 5 times a day. Create a daily meal plan and incorporate the recommended foods and eat every 2-3 hours. This is huge during pregnancy because it can also cut down on nausea, reflux, low blood sugar and also keep you from over eating or over indulging.

A well-balanced pregnancy diet should consist of: milk, egg, lean protein,  greens, whole grains, citrus, fats &oils, bright colored fruits and veggies, salt and water.

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I am always looking for articles, documents to support what I believe. I also always looking to learn new things. There is often new research being done on foods and their benefits or just “old” news coming to life again. I came across a great article that I agree with regarding foods that are great during pregnancy, but ironically are just as important when not pregnant. I believe there are too many things people “avoid” or don’t consider when pregnant. If you learn to live a healthy nutritious lifestyle, things should not change much while pregnant. Check out this article on thebump.com, for a more detailed explanation of the nutritional benefits of the recommended foods to eat during pregnancy. http://pregnant.thebump.com/pregnancy/nutrition-exercise/articles/10-pregnancy-foods-to-eat-for-baby.aspx?MsdVisit=1

What to eat during pregnancy –


Sweet Potatoes 


Beans and Lentils 

Lean Meat

Orange Juice 



Leafy Greens 


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