Eating for 2

Pregnancy: Eating for Two or NOT

Should you be eating for two while pregnant?

Can I stay FIT nutritionally while pregnant?

In my opinion, I do not think that most people honestly think they should be eating for two, however most pregnant women stop, forget or do not pay attention to their intake while pregnant.

Naturally, we eat more than we should all the time, so with pregnancy, it is more likely that you will eat even more since in the back of your mind you are growing a baby. I know that most people go into their pregnancy with NO intention of gaining 50, 60, 80 lbs. However it happens right? As with a healthy lifestyle while not pregnant, its about quality of food not quantity.

With my previous pregnancy and this pregnancy I have followed the recommendations of the Bradley Method. Most people think this is just a “method” for how you are going to labor and deliver your baby, however it is so much more, which is why I chose this option. First and foremost its about NATURAL ways of preparing, process and post-baby.

Regarding the NATURAL preparation for pregnancy this method promotes excellent nutrition as the FOUNDATION of all pregnancies. I could not agree more. Pregnant or not, your body works best when you are fueling it with the proper nutrition.

When you are eating for two, it is recommended to eat a well balanced diet which includes nutrition from the following food groups.

  • Milk products- provide protein, calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals- recommend 4 servings/day
  • Eggs- protein, vitamins (Vit A- anti-infection)- recommend 2 servings/day
  • Protein- provides amino acids which are the building blocks of the body for bones, teeth, muscles, brain.  Protein intake can also help with fatigue, swelling and lack of appetite. Recommended 2 serving but 80-100 total g/day
  • Greens- fresh dark green provide essential vitamins and minerals and high in folic acid. Greens play a role in the formation of red blood cells. Recommendations 2 servings/day
  • Whole grains- excellent source of carbohydrates which help fuel your body. Recommended 4 servings/day
  • Citrus- source of Vit. C. Helps with the body’s manufacturing of collagen which is the substance that holds tissue together. Also aids in immune response and improving iron. Recommend 1-2 servings/day
  • Fats/Oils- (butter/flax seed oil/coconut oil/avocado) Needed to help your body absorb fat soluble vitamins. Also contributes to a fine-textured (stretchable ) skin. Recommend 3 servings/day
  • Yellow and Orange colored fruits and veggies- high in Vit A, known to help prevent infection. Recommend 5 servings/week
  • Salts- Salt is essential. Decreasing while pregnant may contribute to hypovolemia and cramps. Recommeded to salk your food to taste
  • Water- Lack of water leads to dehydration, which can lead to over 20% decrease in energy output. Recommended 2-3 L/day

Most important take away is 80-100 g of protein/day and 2-3L water/day.

Eat a well-balanced diet when you are eating for two. Notice that the above does not include any sweets or sugar. That is because you do not need either. If eating a well balanced diet you get all the sugar you need. Not only will sweet and sugar increase the likelihood of weight gain, but also increase the likelihood of not eating the things you should.

Recommended weight gain is 25-30lbs during pregnancy.

You can stay FIT while pregnant! It’s about what is important to you! Please submit the form below if you are interested in learning more fitness and nutrition tips.

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